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Eureka Efektif  offers pigs in a wide variety of styles to accommodate almost any application, such as oil & gas transmission, petro chemical, and processing piping systems.

Pipeline Cleaning Pigs

The Eureka Steel Body-Pig consists of a hollow pipe steel body with polyurethane disc wear parts as well as optional accessories for specific applications. This design allows for the easy onsite removal and replacement of the discs and other wear parts with little down time. Polyurethane discs are mounted to a steel pig body and secured with high tensile fixings.

Cast Polyurethane

With in-house design and engineering capability of polimer engineering, various designs can be developed to meet various requirements across the industries. Our products can be casted from Shore Hardness 55A to 95A. Our partners can also opt to engage Eureka Efektif as licensed manufacturer (OEM) for their own products.

Conductor Stabiliser

The 2stabilise Polyurethane Spacer (2PS) installation can extends life of conductors, caissons and surrounding structure. It also can improves the living and working environment with less noise caused by the conductors. The dynamic loads and lateral movement considerable reduced. Although these movement are reduced, the conductor can still move vertically as..

Oil and Gas Equipment

Eureka Efektif work with local and international partners to supply various Oil and Gas Equipment. Our Oil & Gas Equipment supply include custom built DNV 2.7-1 and EN 12079 Certified Offshore Containers, Cabins and Service Modules. To support both upstream and downstream activities of our Clients, we also source and supply off the shelf or custom made equipment based on specifications.

Talk to Our Experts

With a team of experts with more than 10 years of combined experience in manufacturing, research and application, our knowledge in pigging is unsurpassed in the industry and we remain competitive.

Keep the Product Flowing

Over 10 years experience and knowledge, we are among the top pipeline maintenance solutions provider in both local and international spheres.

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