The 2stabilise Polyurethane Spacer (2PS) installation can extends life of conductors, caissons and surrounding structure. It also can improves the living and working environment with less noise caused by the conductors. The dynamic loads and lateral movement considerable reduced. Although these movement are reduced, the conductor can still move vertically as per original design criteria. Moreover, the whole guide void is used to spread the load, eliminating point stress loads. As this is one off installation, there no maintenance required by the operator / client.

The first topside installation of 2stabilise was performed in year 1999. For any topside assignments, it can be done in two methods; Rope Access (IRATA certified) and Scaffolding.


The first subsea installation of 2stabilise was performed in year 2011 via ROV method, which transport and launch directly form vessel. No diver is required. The optimal stability is achieved when installing 2PS subsea between -40m and topside +20m.

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