Low Pressure Pipeline Isolation

Low Pressure Pipeline Isolation is a service that requires a pipeline to be isolated to ensure the pipeline is safe from the hazardous gas and substances, thus others activities such as valve replacement, short spool replacement & etc can be done before the isolation area. This service is applicable for a low pressure pipeline near ambient condition and it is the most cost effective isolation method that can be utilised.


EUREKA EFEKTIF’s specialised Low Pressure Pipeline Isolation process include the following:

  • A special design of high sealing pig will be required in order to perform this activity
  • The pipeline will first need to be in shutdown mode
  • A high sealing pig will then be launched with an assistance from compressed air or nitrogen

Prior to launch the high sealing pig, a detailed procedure will be developed by our  by our team of specialist to ensure the pig stop at the proposed location and pipeline is safely isolated for next operation.

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