Pigging Consultancy & Training


EUREKA EFEKTIF being the industry leader in Pipeline products and services provide Pigging Consultancy & Training on various pipeline operations. Our team of experienced  Pigging Specialist who have years of field experience provide consultation on the best possible ways to clean the pipeline to achieve a minimum level of debris in the pipeline and to achieve optimum production throughput.

The consultancy services include but not limited to the following:

  • Project related to a new build pipeline whereby the client need our expertise to advise on the suitability of the pigging activities on their pipeline configuration, i.e. mulitple bend, short bend radius, different wall thickness transition & etc
  • Consultancy services on suitability and effectiveness of cleaning pig tool for the Client’s pipeline cleaning pigging program.

Our expert consultancy are highly sought after to ensure the cleaning pigging activity can be done on Clients pipeline hence reduce the risk of having debris or corrosion issues in the future.


EUREKA EFEKTIF Pipeline Pigging Training Course is a comprehensive training which is customised and designed to cater specific needs of the Clients. Our course consolidates the fundamentals of both theoretical and practical understanding of pipeline operational pigging operation, inspection, monitoring and maintenance of pigging assets and activities.

These knowledge are critical for pipeline technicians and operators to assess and diagnose potential or existing problems within their pigging program, ensure the program are well designed and assets are maintained for optimum performance.

Contact us today to request for in-house or external trainings for your employees.

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Over 10 years experience and knowledge, we are among the top pipeline maintenance solutions provider in both local and international spheres.

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