Progressive Cleaning

Progressive Cleaning Pigging is a pigging run that need to be done continuously within a scheduled period of time. This activity is carried out normally prior to any ILI run except in some cases, where production throughput is severely decreased due to debris built up.

The main focus of the Progressive Cleaning Pigging service is to remove heavy sludge / softwax / hardwax / scale from the pipeline to achieve a minimum level of debris in the pipeline. EUREKA EFEKTIF perform Progressive Cleaning Pigging to reduce the risk of ILI failure due to debris and to assure optimum production throughput.

The  campaign include the following:

  • Running of multiple pig types
  • Common pig type is de-waxing pig & de-scaling pig and cleaning pigs with add on brushes or magnets
  • Strategy or sequence of the run will be discussed up front with the Client prior to any execution of work

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