At EUREKA EFEKTIF we recognise the importance of partnerships and close collaborations with vendors and partners alike, in order to provide our clients with a better value proposition.

We continue to establish strategic partnerships with companies who has vast experience and proven track record to accomplish more together through our combined resources and provide a collection of services for our worldwide clients in the oil and gas industry.  The following is a list of companies with whom we have forged valuable partnerships.

KTN AS is a technology company that specialises in condition assessments and periodic maintenance of oil and gas pipelines. Operating from Norway, the company performs work on offshore installations and onshore terminals and process plants internationally. KTN AS is specially well known for their self-propelled BiDi tethered tool inspection technology for challenging pipelines.

KTN believes in Cooperation is the Key to Success. KTN collaborated with Eureka Efektif as key technology partner to develop and offer the method that is an optimal solution for a particular need’s.


Paradigm Flow Services provide innovative technologies and flow remediation services which maximises production efficiency for their customers.

From game-changer firewater deluge remediation and testing, to long distance blockage locating and removal for pipelines and subsea systems, their patented technologies are unique to the Industry for customised solutions.

Eureka Efektif together with Paradigm Flow Services offers innovative technology solutions for block flowlines and pig stuck locating and removal.


NDT Global is a leading supplier of ultrasonic pipeline inspection and data analysis. Its state-of-the-art inspection fleet provides the entire in-line inspection service spectrum for onshore and offshore pipelines worldwide.

Eureka Efektif works closely with their partner NDT Global to offer the full range of services includes geometry and deformation inspection, metal loss and crack inspection, defect assessment and fitness for purpose investigations.


2STABILISE delivers the best conductor and caisson stabilisation product as well as provide Video inspection services. Part of their service include Internal Pipeline and Confined Space Inspection.

Eureka Efektif exclusively represents 2Stabilise for Conductor and Caisson Stabilisation.


VG Offshore Containers International has carved a solid reputation as a manufacturer of innovative, high quality, cost effective containers for the oil and gas (O&G) industry not only in the region but also globally. From customised concept designs to fabrication and final assembly, VG’s products adhere to stringent quality and manufacturing standards that comply to DNV 2.7-1/EN 12079, DNV 2.7-2, DNV 2.7-3, IMDG and IEC, international quality certifications and other world class quality benchmarks.

Eureka Efektif acts as the Petronas Licensed Agent for supply of Offshore Containers and Cargo Carrying Units manufactured by VG Offshore Containers International


Reinhart Hydrocleaning SA offers a pipeline cleaning technology where the cleaning tool is propelled by the fluid itself. Without hoses, cables or power connections, the device is able to restore hundreds of kilometres of piping and pipelines in a single continuous operation.

Eureka Efektif together with Reinhart Hydrocleaning SA offers innovative technology solutions for inline hard deposit removal.


DB Progetti S.R.L. designs and manufactures quick opening closures of various types, strictly in accordance with international regulations, for equipment that requires opening and closing operations. DB Progetti is able to supply the Pig Signaler, it provide confirmation of the movement of pipeline pigs through a pipeline. They are normally positioned at both the pig launching and pig receiving stations and at the key points along the pipeline. DB Progetti also provide Filter Elements. The filter cartridges are selected keeping in mind various parameters, as the required efficiency, the pressure loss allowed and the type of impurities to be separated from the gas.

Eureka Efektif together with DB Progetti S.R.L. offers innovative technology solutions for Oil & Gas Industry.


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