In line with EUREKA EFEKTIF’s objective to “Keep the Product Flowing” and to enhance our premier position in the Pipeline business, we have established a state of the art Production Facilities to accommodate Eureka Efektif’s growing number of projects worldwide.

Free of logistic nightmares, all our facilities are strategically located and our grounds have been thoughtfully mapped out to ensure smooth transitions between departments. Courtesy of our ground staff, who are constantly on their toes, all completed products are carted from the Factory and Yard to our clients swiftly. We have in-house capabilities and the capacities to fabricate and export high quality fabricated EUREKA Pipeline Pigs to any part of the world on time.

Our Headquarters

Eureka Efektif corporate headquarters centralised all corporate functions within the organisation such as management, sales, marketing, accounts, finance and human resources. As a technical and innovation driven company, EUREKA EFEKTIF is situated within MTDC-Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia technology incubator which gives Eureka access to experts, technologists and networks to catalyst the Research and Development initiatives.

Our Factory

Production and Manufacturing

Combined with moulding experience, in-depth knowledge of polyurethane, in-house engineering capabilities and cutting edge machineries, each of EUREKA Pipeline Pigs are specifically designed, developed and manufactured based on the project requirements and applications. Key features of our Production Facility include:

  • Comprehensive range of machineries that enable manufacturing of a wide range of cast polyurethane parts
  •  Huge number of interchangeable moulds in our asset list for fast and dynamic production
  • Secondary Processing Machineries to cater specialized requirement
  • Well defined QC Procedures and Certified QC Apparatus
  • Pull Test Facility
  • Effective Process parameter control for process reliability and optimal production
  • Safe and controlled climate warehousing

Research, Engineering & Designing (RED)

To meet the needs of increasing production volumes, EUREKA EFEKTIF works closely with group of technical advisories from the industry ranging from field operation personnel to polymer experts and collaboration with local universities, to research, develop, and demonstrate high-volume manufacturing processes and technologies to reduce cost while maintaining performance. All research, engineering and designing are led by our experienced and qualified personnel of Eureka Efektif’s RED (Research, Engineering & Design) Department using high end design and engineering Software.

Our ECO – East Coast Operation

Eureka Efektif’s ECO yard in Kemaman, Terengganu represents a significant expansion of our presence in Malaysia. This yard is specifically catered to meet the increased demand for our Pipeline Products and Solutions throughout the country. Our Kemaman Yard provide technical solutions, maintenance services, refit and refurbishment and minor fabrication works.

Keep the Product Flowing

Over 10 years experience and knowledge, we are among the top pipeline maintenance solutions provider in both local and international spheres.

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